Electrotherapy encompasses a series of therapies to increase the body’s natural healing response by: decreasing swelling, promoting circulation, minimizing pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. We use the latest technology in: Ultrasound, Interferential Current therapy (IFC), Electric Muscle Stimulation.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy involves bringing strength, stability and flexibility to the body. A customized series exercises are designed to rehabilitate, restore movement and normalize imbalances in the musculoskeletal system. It is a critical part of the healing process and also helps to prevent future injury.

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) / Dry Needling

IMS is a deeper needling technique that helps to reduce muscle tightness that manifests as chronic pain and poor muscle function. Often when tissue has been damaged, the nervous system responds by contracting the muscle. The normal signal, from the peripheral nervous system, to fully relax the muscle does not arrive and the muscle becomes chronically hyper tensed causing poor joint mobility, tenderness, inflammation and pain. A needle is inserted into tight muscle bands, or trigger points, to ‘re-start’ the nerve control of the muscle tissue and promote a relaxation reflex.

To learn more about IMS and how it works on the body, read this paper written by Dr. Chan Gunn, the President of The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) in Vancouver, BC.

Manual Therapy / Hands-On

The goal of Manual therapy is to mobilize joints in the spine and extremities to increase range of motion, flexibility and positive muscle tone. This ‘hands-on’ approach involves actively and passively manipulating various regions of the body to restore optimal and efficient movement patterns.

Mechanical Traction / Spinal Decompression

Using a specially designed machine this technique provides a safe, lengthening stretch to the neck or back. It decompresses arthritic joints, degenerative discs and promotes the circulation of spinal fluids.


Pilates is an exercise system that is focused on improving flexibility and postural alignment through controlled movements. Pilates uses a variety of equipment and is generally done either on a mat or on the Reformer. The Reformer is a specialized piece of equipment which is ideal for rehabilitation and exercise for all levels of fitness.

Working one-on-one with our highly trained instructors, Pilates is invaluable as a stand-alone fitness regime and an important adjunct to professional sports training and rehabilitation of injury. Learn how to fully and properly engage your core muscles to improve your posture at work and play.

Ask your physiotherapist if clinical Pilates is appropriate and can be a part of your ongoing rehabilitation treatment.

Clinical Pilates Rate: $95 per 55 minute session, Package Pricing Available

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and balance problems can be due to a variety of causes. A large percentage originates from the vestibular system, a part of the inner ear and the brain that helps to control balance and eye movements. The cause of vestibular dysfunction includes biomechanical problems, viral/bacterial infections, medication induces ear damage, and trauma (whiplash). Vestibular rehab is an exercise based and manual therapy approach to relieve these symptoms.